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ようやく肌寒くなり、秋がやってきましたね。 そろそろ、年末に向けていろいろと準備しなければいけません。 今年も、大規模な修繕などはありませんが、なんだかんだいろいろと。

写真は、Praha House から 1o 分程度の ブリストルヒルゴルフクラブ です。


ご予約は、Rooms & Rates よりお願いします。

質問などがございましたら、Contact より、お問い合わせ下さい。


It's been a bit cold these days, autumn has finally come, which means,

it's now the time for preparation and works to do for year end and new year holidays.

The picture is Bristol Hill Golf Club, where is located in 10 mins from Praha House. The club has beautiful club house, courses as well as vacation homes in the course. Please book Rooms & Rates and enjoy Praha House. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact us. We are looking forward to your reservation and stay!

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